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'Astrology is a powerful tool for self-understanding. it is a long established method of exploring ourselves, our relationship and our place within this world. A horoscope works by taking into consideration the significant the significant environmental influences operating in a particular place at a given time. Your horoscope can be a counselor, friend and analyst all rolled into one! A horoscope from an experienced astrologer can give a clear & precise analysis of the charts, in non- technical language that anyone can understand.



There is a interesting aspect of the relationship between numbers and the planets. Think of their effect on you life as similar to the weather and the landscape you travel through the path of your life. Numerology is primarily a self help tool. It is a way to gain great insight and understanding into your inner being and true nature. It reveals aspect of your character and personality in a way that is fresh and inspiring. It gives you a new vantage point from which to 100k at yours of self knowledge is the key to success and freedom.



Lal kitab remedy is fastest way to remove your difficulties like.marriage court, case difficulty in getting child, business problem, pitra dosha and love problem.I have done lal kitab from upiter Astro Point.Mr. Reet Pal Singh is my teacher. who told me lal kitab remedies for various planetary afflictions in the horoscope or birth chart. lal kitab is unique in field of vedic astrology. For the first time a book explained how certain planetary positions in one's horoscope should also reflect in the lines of his palm.

For the the first time in the history of astrology lal kitab introduced a new style of horoscope analysis quick and affordable remedies



I have done p.h.d. on depression. If any person suffering from this disease through astrology we remove the depression. depression.depression is a state of low mood and activity that can affect a person through behavior,feeling and sense of well being. depression people feel sad helpless and hopeless. Now after research we can save the people through astrology.



Traditionally, it is common practice amongst Hindus to start or avoid starting sign if cant tasks like religious ceremonies ets. on the basis of a particular Muhurat. We have choose the best time for doing any important work to help us get a good effect it something is worth doing this it should be done properly that is when time are favourable …. And .. vishaghati are the time periods which are especially unlucky. Also we saw the change idea Muhurat. Avoid the Padwa, Chaudwa, Nami.

For doing some good and religious work.

Kundli Milan


Astrological compatibility is the branch of astrology that studies relationship by comparing horoscopes. After getting Kundli Milan we can expect that the person to whom we are making religion will be good in our life or matain harmonious relation in future However the Kundli should be accurate false and fabricated things will give bad result. According the comparison earns 18 points only because some factors have minus prints Ist Nadi-dsn is also exist 18 – 20 points the match is…. Satisfactory 20 to 25 point normal 25 to 25 points good and more than 28 points are considered very good.

Vastu Shastra


Vastu Shastra "science of construction" architecture is an ancient doctrine which consists of precepts born out of a traditional view on how the laws of nature affect human dwellings.

According to vastu shastra. The world comprises five basic elements known as the pancha maha boota out of the eight planets, our life because of the presence and balance of these five elements. The five element earth, water, air, fire and space. Vastu shastra combines all the five elements of nature and valances them with the person and the material. Vastu gives for Vastu Shastra is convincing the newer generations to create their houses in accordance to vastu.



In the present materialistic society, every body wants to reap maximum profits in minimum labour. Fate and action are two sides of some coin and have their own importance. Neither of there is complete above stones do have a capacity to remove the hardles caused by faulty positioning of planets in one's horoscope. Negative influence of the gemstones also support their miraculous properties. Gemology is an important part of astrology when people may be rich/poor they wear stone their face takes the lead and raises them to the great heights wealth wise. We can say that wearing of stonesina a superstation only besides unless and until you have tested a theory yourself.

Tarot Card Reading


The Tarot Card Simply Work our positive energy. Its very helpful when you confuse to take some very important decision.

Tarot card doing work one day, one week, one year. Tarot has 78 cards.



Graphalogy means you can judge the person through handwriting.

Many person are mystrious. People don't know what are going in their mind. Then you judge that person through handwriting.



Palmistry is the art to see future through the study of the palm also known as palm reading. In the palmistry the palm reader saw "lines" Heart line, Life line and mounts.

Purportedly suggest interpretations by their relative size,qualities and intersections. Many people don,t know about their D O B and time but through palmistry we solve their problems.Palm reader examine characteristics of the finger,fingernails, skin texture and color shape of the palm and flexibility of hand. I have done this course from I C A S.Indian Council of Astrology society Chennai affiliated by Sanmmati Institute of Astrology.

Kundli Milan

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